The PMRT Intake System with the help of some fluid dynamic concepts induces a larger
amount of air into your Victory engine resulting in more POWER.  The machined velocity
stacks allow up to 50% more air to enter the throttle body.  The system also employs a state
of the art high flow air filter utilized in many high performance race applications.  The filter
used on the PMRT system is capable of supporting 180 brake horsepower.  The
combination of the base plate and filter allow your engine to get the air required to operate
at maximum power and efficiency.

The PMRT Intake System will fit all Victory Models and can be installed with the engine in

Not only does the PMRT Intake System add power to your Victory but it also improves the
appearance by allowing you to replace the unsightly factory box.

The PMRT Intake System is for off road use and may not meet state emission requirements.

Eproms are available for 99-01 models to accommodate fueling requirements for the
system, more air means more power which also means more fuel is needed.

Freedom engines should have a fuel modifier installed.  PMRT recommends the VFC device.

PMRT Intake System Pricing:

Intake kit for all Victory Models( 99 to 07) = $225

Intake Kit for 99 to 01 Models (Eprom included)  = $275
(need to specify engine setup and exhaust)
PMRT Intake Sytem Installation Instructions
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PMRT Intake Kit